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Class com.jclark.xml.parse.DocumentParser


public class DocumentParser
extends Object
A parser for XML documents.

Constructor Index

 o DocumentParser()

Method Index

 o parse(OpenEntity, EntityManager, Application, Locale)
Parses an XML document.


 o DocumentParser
 public DocumentParser()


 o parse
 public static void parse(OpenEntity entity,
                          EntityManager entityManager,
                          Application application,
                          Locale locale) throws ApplicationException, IOException
Parses an XML document.

entity - the document entity of the XML document; the InputStream of the document entity will be closed after parsing
entityManager - the EntityManager to be used to access external entities referenced in the document
application - the Application which will receive information about the XML document
locale - the Locale to be used for error messages
Throws: NotWellFormedException
if the document is not well-formed
Throws: IOException
if an IO error occurs
Throws: ApplicationException
if any of the Application methods throw an Exception

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