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Class com.jclark.xml.sax.Driver


public class Driver
extends ApplicationImpl
implements Parser, EntityManager, AttributeList, Locator
An implementation of SAX 1.0 on top of the com.jclark.xml.parse package. Note that:

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Constructor Index

 o Driver()

Method Index

 o characterData(CharacterDataEvent)
 o endDocument()
 o endElement(EndElementEvent)
 o endProlog(EndPrologEvent)
 o getByteIndex()
 o getColumnNumber()
 o getLength()
 o getLineNumber()
 o getName(int)
 o getPublicId()
 o getSystemId()
 o getType(int)
 o getType(String)
 o getURL()
 o getValue(int)
 o getValue(String)
 o open(String, URL, String)
 o parse(InputSource)
 o parse(String)
 o processingInstruction(ProcessingInstructionEvent)
 o setDocumentHandler(DocumentHandler)
 o setDTDHandler(DTDHandler)
 o setEntityResolver(EntityResolver)
 o setErrorHandler(ErrorHandler)
 o setLocale(Locale)
 o startDocument()
 o startElement(StartElementEvent)


 o Driver
 public Driver()


 o setEntityResolver
 public void setEntityResolver(EntityResolver resolver)
 o setDocumentHandler
 public void setDocumentHandler(DocumentHandler handler)
 o setDTDHandler
 public void setDTDHandler(DTDHandler handler)
 o setErrorHandler
 public void setErrorHandler(ErrorHandler handler)
 o setLocale
 public void setLocale(Locale locale)
 o parse
 public void parse(String systemId) throws SAXException, IOException
 o parse
 public void parse(InputSource in) throws SAXException, IOException
 o startDocument
 public void startDocument() throws SAXException
startDocument in class ApplicationImpl
 o startElement
 public void startElement(StartElementEvent event) throws SAXException
startElement in class ApplicationImpl
 o characterData
 public void characterData(CharacterDataEvent event)
characterData in class ApplicationImpl
 o endElement
 public void endElement(EndElementEvent event) throws SAXException
endElement in class ApplicationImpl
 o processingInstruction
 public void processingInstruction(ProcessingInstructionEvent event) throws SAXException
processingInstruction in class ApplicationImpl
 o endProlog
 public void endProlog(EndPrologEvent event) throws SAXException
endProlog in class ApplicationImpl
 o endDocument
 public void endDocument() throws SAXException
endDocument in class ApplicationImpl
 o open
 public OpenEntity open(String systemId,
                        URL baseURL,
                        String publicId) throws IOException
 o getLength
 public int getLength()
 o getName
 public String getName(int i)
 o getValue
 public String getValue(int i)
 o getValue
 public String getValue(String name)
 o getType
 public String getType(int i)
 o getType
 public String getType(String name)
 o getSystemId
 public String getSystemId()
 o getURL
 public URL getURL()
 o getPublicId
 public String getPublicId()
 o getLineNumber
 public int getLineNumber()
 o getColumnNumber
 public int getColumnNumber()
 o getByteIndex
 public long getByteIndex()

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